We don't cut corners or take shortcuts on our mattresses. Each mattress is made to the highest standards by our Amish craftsmen to rank among the finest in the world. We use high density foam (no fiber fill) and heavy duty springs in all our mattresses.

Today's name brand mattresses are heavy on style, but light on quality. Many of them are quite beautiful; their covers are a sight to behold. They have been quilted with expensive tack and jump quilters. The first perception is that if they are so beautiful on the outside, they must be good on the inside. In recent years many consumers have purchased these pretty mattresses and have been very disappointed when the mattress quickly developed body impressions.All of our mattresses carry a 1/2" body impression warranty. That's right, if it body impresses more than 1/2" it will be replaced. We guarantee you peace of mind about your purchase as well as a good night's rest!

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